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The Birthday Killer Description

Your next birthday party will be a hit with our latest downloadable murder mystery party game. The Birthday Killer will bring mystery and mayhem to your next bash.

There have been 11 murders so far this year in the small town of River Falls, WI. Each victim was killed on their birthday and no evidence has been found to bring justice to their murderer. The serial killer has been dubbed the Birthday Killer and has caused all of the citizens of River Falls to be frightened and suspicious of their neighbors.

Courtney Lawson is turning 25 and is determined to make the most of her birthday. She isn't going to let the serial killer keep her from having a party. If something does happen, then at least she could have fun and certainly no one would kill in a crowd, right?

Someone is murdered though and it is up to the party goers to figure out who is killing in River Falls. Party guests will question each other to gather information to make the best guess about who is guilty. The murderer then confesses to the killing; but, is this killer the Birthday Killer?

6 - 8 Guests | Downloadable Mystery Party

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The mystery party murder mystery game will include all of the things that you will need to plan your party. The guide will include instructions, costume suggestions, and many other items that will make your next murder mystery party easy to put together. The instructions are easy to follow and allow the host to participate too. Your next birthday party is bound to be a killer. Our team at Mystery Party Fever sincerely hope your party is a blast. Each game is created with the idea of entertaining to the utmost degree. We want everyone to have as much fun at their murder mystery party as we do ours.